• We are dealing with processing of rubber mixtures

    The Company LM Rubber s.r.o. was established as a succeeding entity after the “Technical Rubber Luděk Macháček”, which has been operating on the Czech market since 1999..

  • A variety of processed elastomers starts with the standard ones such as

    is ranging from conventional seals, O-rings, bumpers, connections to more complex products produced from several kinds of materials, and the cord reinforcement for the dynamically highly stressed.

  • The construction of manufacturing moulds, optimizing the

    number of imprints with regard to the life of the mould and their implementation is a matter of course. About 90% of production is destined for export. Call for technical questions !

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Since January 2015, we have our own mixing plant of mixtures, which is mainly focused on the preparation of the material according to our own recipes, in addition to processing and plasticization.

We are engaged in the development and production of special rubber compounds mainly in the field of extremely low hardness with respect to other specific requirements.

We have our own recipes for hardness 10 - 99 °Sh (A), at a rebound elasticity of 0-85 %.

Our special mixtures include food mixtures, microporous mixtures or electrically conductive mixtures.

Taking into account the requirements such as the oil resistance, resistance to aggressive chemical environment, thermal or dynamic loads, it is also possible to give to the product the specific weight depending on the desired hardness.

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